Claim a room of your own to write, Keri Wyatt Kent did

I’ve been reading Keri Wyatt Kent‘s writing for years. She’s the kind of writer who bares her soul, tells her stories and inspires readers and writers with the truths and triumphs of her struggles. 

Drawing on Virginia Woolf’s famous lecture on women and fiction, in which  she said, 

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction; and that, as you will see, leaves the great problem of the true nature of woman and the true nature of fiction unsolved. ” 

Keri wrote this post for Tim Fall’s blog. Her words and her experience reached deep into my own sometimes pitiful thoughts and my often achy-heart gripes and set me straight about the truth that crouches behind them. I must claim time and space (a room of my own) to write. With no more excuses to fool myself, I am forced to define, ask for, take or make what I need to fuel, fill, expand and explore my writing. And this is true for you too. Whatever your circumstances, whatever excuses you have been using, Keri says that you too can and should claim your own room to write. 

A week away from our everyday lives and commitments, a secluded beach house with miles of shore to walk, a full-service hotel … would be wonderful. Nevertheless, we can find simpler and dare I say, more practical/affordable “room to write” in a few alone-hours at home on a Sunday afternoon, a weekday morning at a nearby coffee shop, time at the library a couple times a week, you know, those small but priceless treasures of undisturbed time that entice ideas/stories to rise to the surface and make their way to the page or screen.  

Each writer might think that she (or he) is alone in this issue but that’s not the case. Keri knows that only too well. The difference is that once she realized that she too was entitled “to get to _______” like the writers she knew or read about, she embraced it, made it a reality in her life and is encouraging us to do the same. 

Now, if Keri can ask for/find/make time and space (a room of her own) to write, so can languishing writers everywhere.  

Thank you Tim Fall for featuring Keri Wyatt Kent and thank you Keri for sharing your story and inspiring us to claim a room of our own to write.


3 thoughts on “Claim a room of your own to write, Keri Wyatt Kent did

  1. Cheryl, thank you so much for your encouragement about the post Keri has up at my place. It is completely my pleasure to have her write there, as you can well imagine!

    Yes, if we are to write, we need to take the time to WRITE for crying out loud. Whether it's on a get-away or in the daily routine, it has to be done or we're not really writers, just people who wish we were.



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