A Short Rant about "No Budget for the Writers"

You envision and conceptualize an idea for a magazine. You’re passionate about it and convinced that it will blaze a trail in the minds and lives of your target readers. You declare your publication date. Wonderful!

You’ve sourced financing. You’ve wooed advertisers. You’ve contacted a printer.  You have photographers on call. Your graphic designers are working around the clock. You might have already paid a deposit to some of the people helping to bring your dream to reality because after all, who in their right mind would begin work on such a project without a deposit (even a small one for a show of good faith). In fact, you’ve set aside money to disburse as soon as they submit their invoices. Great!

But the writers you want to create content to fill the pages and blow the minds of your readers – well, you didn’t budget for them.and you throw in that bit of information while asking them to put their time, energy, thoughts and creativity into making your magazine a success. 

You should be ashamed! 


4 thoughts on “A Short Rant about "No Budget for the Writers"

  1. Yes, yes and YES!!!
    Same old story. The irony is, don't people grab a magazine chiefly for pics AND (quality) CONTENT??

    Great post, though. I'm sharing it as a Warning.

    We Writers are on to you and we're calling YOU out!


  2. I don't write for magazines for that reason and one other. When they do have money for you, you have to wait up to two years to get paid or see your article in print!!! I am sorry but that is just too much for me!

    I am happy to see your rant! I will share it with my (small) audience!


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