Sentimental Treasures – Teapot collection

Several years before my mother died, she gave me a miniature teapot that inspired my interest in building a collection. 

The lighting doesn’t do its brass finish justice.  

But it was several years before I began collecting them. In 2002, two years after she died, when I was the throes of interior decorating and would scour decorating magazines as if my life depended on it, I saw a teapot collection and I feel in love. However, I did not become a teapot junkie. You see, blessed or cursed with self-control, I only bought teapots that caught my eye and captured my heart.

Some pieces of my treasured collection sit on top of my upper kitchen cabinets with my three wooden mortar and pestle pieces.

Taking them down twice a year for a soak and wash in warm sudsy water gives me as much pleasure as looking at them. And yes, I do use my teapots occasionally. 


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