Print and Digital versions – I got it covered

Alright I admit I am a bit obsessive about my favorite authors. I buy both the print and digital versions of their books – well, the one’s I really, really like.  So of course I have both versions of Joanne DeMaio’s first book, Whole Latte Life and I’ve read both.

Her second novel – Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans – was released last Monday (March 11th) and I immediately ordered the e-book and placed the print version in my Amazon cart, to order in a week or two.  Yeah right! It took me less than half an hour to fast-track that plan. I placed the order.

I read the first chapter of Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans using my Kindle app. and knew that I could go any further. I had to wait for the paperback. I needed to hold the story in my hands.  Yes, I’m eccentric that way.

It arrived seconds ago and here I go.  I’ll be riding along with Maris Carrington, Eva, Madison and the other characters as they share their lives in 314 pages. I have no doubt that Joanne is going to WOW me again – make me unearth skeletons, examine my life, reassess my dreams, look at my relationships in a new way and redesign how I want to live.

So which version did you buy/are you going to buy – print or digital? Oh what the heck, why not take a walk on the eccentric side and buy both.

Today, I’m sending Joanne love, congratulations and best wishes for readership, awards and the #1 spot of every list her book could possibly qualify for. I’m betting Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans surpasses the response to Whole Latte Life.

Go Joanne. Go Joanne. Go Joanne.  I want to be just like you when I grow up. 


2 thoughts on “Print and Digital versions – I got it covered

  1. Hi Cheryl, Are you cuffing those jeans and sipping your coffee yet? I wanted to let you know, too, that there are some crossover characters and settings from Whole Latte Life in Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans. I'm so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this story, and thank you so much for all of your amazing support. I was delighted to read this post today 🙂



  2. Crossover characters? How delightful.

    I so want to read this book around a ritual that I've decided to set it aside until Thursday evening, when I will be home alone. I'll put on my favorite jeans (cuffed and all), brew a cup of coffee, light a candle, assemble my notebook and pen (for quotes and notes and article ideas)and settle in at Sandy Point.


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