Simple Practices for Better Days

Are you waiting for a major life overhaul to improve your days? Instead look to a few small and simple daily practices.
Start at night
  – Prep for breakfast – Decide what’s for breakfast and assemble the ingredients, utensils and dishes for an effortless start.
  – Pick out clothes – Select clothes for the next day’s activities. Even better iron what needs to be ironed. 
  – Tidy up – You’re going for basic here, a superficial clean – move everything from off the floor – toys, magazine, books, newspaper, tv remote, dishes, etc. and put them in their designated place. Straighten chair cushions, wipe the coffee table, and straighten lamp shades. Wash dirty dishes, clear and clean kitchen counter-top. Hang bath and hand towels, make sure there is toilet paper and bath soap on hand for the morning routine. 
   – Write a plan – Jot down a list of the next day’s tasks in order of priority to help you stay on track and not get sidelined with distractions. In case of an emergency or impromptu request, the list will make it easier to reprioritize your tasks. 
  – Organise work papers – after hunching over work you bring home, it might be tempting to leave papers scatter on the kitchen table, coffee table or your desk. Don’t, it will just take a few minutes to organise, put them back in the folders and slip them in your briefcase.
Rise early 
Maybe the usual get up, rush and go has prevented you from enjoying the blessed stillness of dawn. Get up an hour earlier and use that the time to: Savour the silence. Watch the sunrise. Read. Pray. Meditate. Count your blessings. Write in your journal. Watch your children sleep. Stretch. Exercise. Early morning practices like these help to get your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional juices flowing. They stir up creativity and productivity – a perfect pair for a great day.
Find joy in your work
If you are one of those people who feel unmotivated and stuck in your job on a daily basis, you can turn that feeling around one day at a time. Think of at least one aspect of your job that you enjoy, regardless how insignificant it may seem. Maintain a sense of perspective and appreciation for your work by acknowledging how your list of duties impacts the overall purpose of the company.
Make a difference
In the busyness and frustrations of life, it is easy to forget the people who rely on you for their daily living. Acknowledge the role street vendors, shopkeepers, gardeners and taxi and bus drivers play in your life. Appreciation is a two-way street. 
Set goals 
A person without life goals is like a leaf drifting aimlessly in the wind. Goals can rev your mental engine and keep it running as you move through your day. Start with a few small, manageable daily or weekly goals to experience the satisfaction of small and steady accomplishments.

Learn and share 
Keep your mind open to learn not only about developments in your areas of interest but also from circumstances that take you off your planned path. Share your acquired knowledge because sharing enhances learning. 
Make time for leisure 
What leisure activity helps you unwind, refreshes you, engages your creative side?  Even 30 minutes of leisure time daily can put a positive spin on a grueling day.
Big, all-encompassing life change is good. Often though, it is the small and simple practices that have the most profound impact on our days.  Begin today. In fact, begin tonight. Make these simple practices your first steps to a better day and ultimately, a better life.

(Published in the Wright Words of Wisdom column in the Womanwise Magazine on Sunday 17th Match 2013)


3 thoughts on “Simple Practices for Better Days

  1. Cheryl, all of your advice is good in this blog. The point you make about the value and benefit of starting the day early, taking the time to meditate, pray, count blessings, enjoy the silence, etc is the most crucial practice for my better days. Thank you for sharing. Robert H


  2. Me too except these days, while the get up early is easy enough (being a morning person and all) it is getting increasingly difficult to start moving. Nevertheless, once I start, I can manage to get my morning stuff done.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and for retweeting my Twitter post. Have a great day.


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