Mridu Khullar Relph dishes out wisdom and inspiration

Mridu Khullar Relph has been a staple in my writing career for many years. If I were to share the wisdom and inspiration I continue to glean from her, I’d be writing blog posts, updating my Facebook status and dashing off tweets every day. But she might not approve because while a social media presence is fun, necessary for staying connected and vital to a writer’s platform, my focus should be on writing my weekly column, meeting deadlines for other assignments, making regular deposits in my book-in-progress, sending out queries, marketing myself as a writer and editor and other writing and writing-related tasks. ? Because of her latest piece – On Writers and Money.

I’ve already posted a link to it on Facebook. It’s wrapped up in wisdom and inspiration for the aspiring, the up-and-coming and the accomplished writer. Wherever we are in our writing careers – dreaming, working  our fingers raw to snag that first clip, labouring on our first novel or basking in our most recent publication success – we can always use a word from Mridu to keep us informed, inspired and passionate about writing and the writing life.

So hear what. Subscribe to her blog to begin receiving the wealth of Mridu’s wisdom, experience and inspiration in your own inbox.


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