Life – a garden of adventure

Our lives don’t bloom roses every day.  Circumstances do not always come calling dressed in Sunday morning church clothes. They don’t usually ooze positive vibes or shout happy news we can’t ignore. Our reality may entail jumping from thorn to thorn – rarely (or so it seems) getting close enough to touch and enjoy the beautiful roses we desire or see in the distance. 
Nevertheless, every day, despite the thorns and thorny issues, each of us should be grateful for our garden of adventure, if we look at it like that. Where possible, we should look out for thorns and be careful not to step on them. But, if and when they do prick, hurt us and draw blood, we should not lose courage. We should not crumble or give up. Our first reactions should be – stop, breathe and pray.
Some thorns may remain imbedded as we continue on our journeys – living/working/striving/progressing/achieving – until they ease themselves out. Others, we may be able to remove because sometimes, we are provided with the ability and resources to do so.
As we remove those thorns, we should examine them for any subtle or obvious lessons we can learn. Then, when necessary,  we should seek healing, forgive, apologize, make amends and find a new way, a better way to live, work, play, dream and love. 
Paging through an old notebook this morning, I found several entries with different dates. The oldest – 12 June 2009 and the most recent – 25 Sept 2012. I corralled the bits and pieces to compile the following thoughts to share with you. 

Our lives, with all of its common and not so common complexities may appear difficult, uninspiring and hopeless. But if we hold on, look up, love, listen, learn, share, help and keep focused on our dreams, we will learn to manoeuvre our way around some thorns and effectively extract others.
How are you dealing with the thorns in your life?
Are you holding strong and walking tall? Are you staying confident and courageous? Have you been assessing and leaning from the thorns you remove and leaving the stubborn ones to work themselves out, while you move on with your life? 



2 thoughts on “Life – a garden of adventure

  1. Thanks Sean.

    Sometimes, I feel guilty about not posting regularly but I remind myself that I must be true to myself, the reality of my life.

    Life doesn't always run on schedule why should I force myself to observe a rule the causes me stress?

    Sometimes, ideas bombard me at the right moment and I run with them. Other times, there's a lull in posting when my life is extra busy.

    Yes, my blog is about what interests me, inspires me, what I'm passionate about and connecting with readers.

    Have a wonderful day.


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