One of those Saturdays with May Sarton’s writing

Oh goodie! It’s one of those Saturdays: still slowly recovering from the cold, still coughing but awoke to a deep desire for May Sarton’s writing – her journals in particular. So I grabbed Recovering – A journal and picked up where I left off. Such lovely reflective thoughts that resonate with me.

Let me share a few gems from this morning’s reading: 

“Early morning is the time of purest joy.”

“Laughter and tears, the breakers of tension.”

“Sometimes, the unmeasured, the unlimited natural powers are what I need, what everyone needs. I am tired of measure, control, doing the right thing. A part of me would like to tear something apart and howl like a wolf,”

“it is a time of turning back to roots, to the great influences, going back in order to draw strength from the deep sources.”

“I am in a quiet way blooming.”

“To close the door on pain is to miss the chance for growth.”


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