10 Words for the dreamer’s tool kit

For many of us, our dreams will not magically land in our laps. So, if we want to achieve them, we have to work hard. Dreamers like other workers need a tool kit and we’d do well to stock ours with words to help us on our journey to our dreams. 

Following are 10 words for our dreamer’s tool kit.

1. Visualize. If we can’t envision our dream in all its glory, how will we know if the path we’re travelling is the right path, the best path

2. Articulate. At some point and usually, sooner rather than later, we will have to articulate our dream, our path and our process to someone.  It is important that we ready ourselves to move our dreams out of the realm of the easy and comfortable description and into a professional realm. We should practice how we will articulate our dream to a supporter, a supplier, a client or someone who could provide technical or financial help.  

3. Plan. Since we can’t afford to bank on our dreams falling into our laps, we should formulate a strategy to work long and hard. Of course, the more detailed and practical the plan, the better it will be to execute it.

4. Act. The reality of life promises that we will encounter difficult times. Some days, tiredness, laziness and overwhelm will besiege us and they might be so strong that we might want to give up. Often the best antidote for such times is marshalling our passion and motivation and doing what we have to do.  

5. Assess. Ever so often and ideally at scheduled times, it is necessary that we pause from the work and assess how far we have travelled, what we have accomplished, what we might need to change and how far we still have to go. Moreover, we should assess the dream itself. Is its earlier vision still viable and valuable? Is our passion as deep and strong as when we began our journey?

6. Gratitude. The work we do will lose its quality if we are not grateful to God for His provision of strength, guidance and wisdom.  Our successes will lose their glow if we are not grateful for the people who support and encourage us in our dark periods of self-doubt, fear and the temptation to give up.

7. Ask. Surely we know that we don’t know everything and we can’t find all the answers to all our questions on our own. Therefore, we should begin our journey with the determination to ask for help without fear or shame.

8. Learn. Each step we take, each person we encounter, each circumstance that comes unto our path brings a lesson to make us better and wiser people, to add richness and depth to our lives and enhance and fine-tune the pursuit of our dreams.   

9. Help. Regardless how busy we are on our way to achieving our dreams, we should be aware of other dreamers who may need help – an encouraging word, a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on when the winds of change blow in and leave them in shambles.  

10. Celebrate. With our eyes on the forest, we miss the trees. We shouldn’t discount the minor achievements and the peripheral successes on our way to the grand prize. Instead, we should celebrate each small step we take and each tick on our dream’s to-do list.  

The journey to our dreams entails hard work and we need a tool kit. Is your dreamer’s tool kit equipped with the words that will help you along on your journey?

(Published in the Womanwise Magazine January 27th 2013)


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