When an old passion resurfaces

True passions don’t die. They may dim or lie dormant.

Sometimes, we think we can take charge of our life and how we will live it, especially in a new year. But, often, we can;t other things, like an old passion resurfaces and begins to take charge, leading us by the nose to follow it, with the same enthusiasm we once had for it.

My passion for interior design never faded. It just got overshadowed by my overwhelming passion for writing. I’ve tried to keep abreast of what’s going on in the interior design field and I am easily, comfortably and delightfully drawn into photos of interior spaces and conversations about decorating style, colour, layout, fabrics etc.

Lately the desire to work with clients and teach d-i-y decorating courses has returned and envelops my thoughts all day. So I’m seriously thinking of fitting them into my only free time-slot – Saturday. Let me see – write and take care of my grandchildren Monday to Friday and fill Saturdays with design activities. Worth a try, I’d say.

That means I have to open my box of design paraphernalia (colour fans, graph paper, pens/pencils/crayons/water colours, sketch pad, design software, measuring tape, camera, client assessment sheets, list of vendors, etc. Can hardly wait to hit the shops (fabric, paint, furniture, furnishings, fittings….

Do you have an underlying passion that has surfaced recently. What did you respond? How do you plan to fit it into your life?


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