My life – It is what it is

Last night, a friend insisted that my life revolves around the computer and all kinds of related stuff (Internet, Facebook, Twitter, E-books, E-Readers, PC Tablet and other technological gadgets). I sort to explain with examples that his assumptions were not correct. He asked me why I was taking pains to refute his claims. Of course I said I wasn’t but maybe I was.

You see, I know how much I love print books, notebooks and journals, pretty stationary on which to write letters and I go goo goo over pens, especially fountain pens. And this list is not quite complete.

Anyhow, take yesterday for example, I spent practically the whole day on the computer. The majority of the time, I was doing serious work (writing, researching and planning) for my column over the next few months, several writing assignments and writing and scheduling posts for my blog. But I was also reading my favourite blogs, Facebooking, Tweeting and oogling photos on my friends’ pages.

So he was right. I have other non-computer/Internet responsibilities, interests and habits but in a broader sense, my life does revolve around the computer. And although I went on the defensive, there was no need really. It’s not a bad thing. It is what it is. And I’m cool with it. I get work done. I explore the world and learn new things every day. I shop online and gather all manner of inspiration for living and writing. I write blog posts, comment on blogs, tweet, follow Tweeters and acknowledge those who follow me, update my Facebook status, keep track of what my Facebook friends are up to, Like pages, send and accept Friend requests.

I enjoy writing by hand (book drafts, editing, to-do lists, letters, journal entries, etc.). Nothing compares to holding a book in my hand and inhaling the smell that emanates from ink on paper. Each is a delightful, therapeutic and soul-refreshing practice. Each is an exercise in simplicity.

However, my computers (Desktop, Laptop, Netbook and Tablet) and the Internet afford me a connection to people (old and new friends, strangers writing sages and kindred spirits), exploration/adventure and writing that informs, enriches, enhances, expands and inspires my life on every possible level. I will never again attempt to explain, make excuses or apologize for the time I spend on my computer, the Internet or with  technological gadgets.

My life – it is what it is.


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