Getting our lives in balance for 2013

It’s the end of 2012 my friends and you can read my last article for the year (this week’s Wright Words of Wisdom) here. If you prefer to read it without the usual stuff on the periphery, scroll down. Thanks for hanging in with me here despite my irregular postings. If I get my life in balance, 2013 can be a bumper year of blog posts. Right? 

Happy New Year!

Getting our lives in balance 

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Surely it can’t be too early to consider how we can get our lives in balance to accommodate all that 2013 has in store for each of us. Living a busy and active life may keep our minds alert, our bodies fit and our hearts delving into all kinds of emotions. 
Nevertheless, it is that same busy and active life that often throws us off balance and leaning more towards negativity. Before the New Year begins piling on its share of surprises, let’s consider getting ourselves in balance so that we can accommodate what we want and what will come into the sphere of our lives. It’s all a matter of taking time for practices that promote balance. 
Pause – Busyness cannot cure our ills, offset our fears or bring fulfilment. If we’re not busy, the world keeps spinning, people keep doing their business and life goes on. Life is too short and too precious to waste it in a state of imbalance.Disappointments, failure, loss, rejection… will come and when they do we will be better able to deal with them if our minds, our bodies and our spirits are in balance. We could schedule pauses at strategic moments in our day or at weekly or monthly intervals. Alternatively, we could keep an eye out for those unexpected pockets of time to pull up and hang back for a while. However we work it in, a pause will help us get back to our centre and achieve some balance.
Pray and Ponder – All our efforts are fruitless without a spiritual practice. Time spent in prayer and meditation not only keeps us connected to God and our religious beliefs. These practices help to ground us in what is important. They provide a peculiar quality and depth of peace and comfort. They blow out balance enough to envelop every aspect of our being and keep us on our chosen spiritual path.
Play – All work and no play makes us dull. We know this but how is our play life? We can name any number of excuses why we cannot accommodate any kind of play in our lives – no time, no money, no inclination, no desire, even nobody.Yes, excuses, excuses, excuses but we must make time for a little play, even if only for the sack of balance.  
Plan – On some level, going with the flow and taking things as they come can seem like an adventure but we could find ourselves being pulled in different directions at a moment’s notice. What will become of those dreams we’ve been harbouring? Can we really afford to go riding off in a daze of uncertainty and expect our darling dreams to simply materialize as if by magic? While we have no guarantees, the major chunk of joy in our dreams is the process and that process begins with a plan. When we have a plan, it is easy to schedule time for relationships and activities that bring balance into our lives. 
These are not major or complicated practices. Yet, as simple as they may seem, they are significant in the grand scheme of the rat-race that has become the norm. Choose one, all or develop your own practice to bring much-needed balance into your own life in the New Year. 
I wish you balance in 2013.
Some tips for getting your life in balance
• Shift priorities and make sure they encompass the activities, relationships, goals and passions that are important to you.   
• Structure your modus operandi to achieve your new daily priorities with a detailed and manageable to-do list. Create a master list with realistic deadlines for your life priorities.  
• Schedule time for the activities that cater to your purpose and passion. Monitor your energy levels and usage to ensure you don’t over-extend yourself. 
• Say “no” more often and enjoy the freedom it brings and match time and resources to the activities you say “yes” to.  
• Set personal boundaries for personal Step off the rat-race highway regularly to regain a sense of balance. Wallow in the simple pleasures that soothe your mind, body and spirit.


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