Cooking with heart

Eating is hardwired into home life, get-togethers, holidays and special functions. Yet for many of us, with our busy and racing lives, cooking is just one more chunk of drudgery to consume our limited time and siphon our waning energy. Don’t you wish sometimes that cooking could be a soulful and joyful activity? It is for many and it can be for you too, when you do it with heart. It’s simple.

Change your perspective. Think of cooking, not just as a responsibility to satisfy hunger but as an activity to help nourish: the body – providing nutrients that promote good health, the mind  – keeping it alert, the spirit – prompting pleasure and gratitude and relationships – fostering lively conversation and lasting connectivity.

Celebrate the process. You may not have a Food Network kitchen but cooking can still be an inspiring, exhilarating and gratifying activity, when undertaken with an attitude of celebration for every aspect of the process. Assemble everything you need to prepare a meal. It is easy to take a particular dish for granted because you have prepared it countless times but deliberately talk your way through every step as you go along. Put a different spin on a traditional recipe. Spice it up. Flip its star ingredient. Be adventurous and concoct a new recipe altogether. Whether you’re cooking for one, three or ten, make it a labour of love. 
When you give yourself time to celebrate the cooking process, the eating titillates the senses in new ways.

Cooking gets the meal to the table to satisfy a basis need for nourishment. Cooking with heart generates appreciation for the process and delivers nourishment on all levels – body, mind and spirit. Begin cooking with heart for the Christmas holidays and take the practice with you into the New Year.

(Published in the December 16th Edition of the Womanwise Magazine) 


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