Love is complex

Love – we may try to subdue it, thinking that somehow it will not regurgitate our old insecurities or give birth to new fears. But love seems to have an agenda all its own. Love may go awry, take us places we do not want to go, serve up issues we never imagined….

We approach love with our own mishmash of life stories and expectations. We open our hearts to love hoping that it will be everything we always imagined, what it failed to be in the past or a revival of a love that used to be. While that is normal, we can’t dictate, predict or fashion love.It can’t be anything else (less or more) than what it is, what it contains, what it brings to our lives and the range of emotions it stirs in our hearts – joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, hope and futility, security and fear….

If we are willing to take love with all its complexities, we can learn to rise above the times and emotions when we are hurt or disappointed, And we can give and receive love fully grateful for the pleasure, hope, security and every other beautiful thing it brings to our lives.


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