How to keep moving

Life can hit us hard. Sometimes we stumble and we are thrown off-balance and confused. Other times, we fall. Discouraged, heartbroken and wounded to our core, we may sit where we land, licking our wounds and wallowing in self-pity. We may even consider quitting because it seems far easier than the effort it will take to get up and keep moving. But quitting is not a viable option.

We should acknowledge what happened and take time to recover but we should not sit for too long. Time will pass quickly as our energy wanes, our plans grow stale and ineffective and our enthusiasm dims. We should make the necessary assessments and adjustments and then, we must get up and keep moving. For it is in moving that we accomplish the small goals that lead us to the grander things we dream about.  

We might ask, how do we keep moving when everything around us is crumbling or at a standstill?  How do we keep moving when circumstances have derailed our plans and put us at a crippling disadvantage?

Here’s how to keep moving:  

With faith – Whatever else is important to our lives: relationships, professional aspirations, dreams…. Our faith heads the list because it keeps us calm and hopeful on every level. Plus, it undergirds every strategy we incorporate to help us keep moving.
With purpose – If we try to move in the fog of uncertainty, fear and self-doubt, we will get lost. Redefining our purpose can help us determine which issues (challenges, fears, self-doubts) deserve our attention. With a clear purpose, we can rise up from where we have fallen and get back on track. Moreover, our purpose should be the beacon guiding us along our path. If we believe that our purpose is honourable, we should keep moving.

With rhythm – Rhythm trumps speed. There is no need to rush. We should: repair the damage, recoup our losses, regroup our resources and off-load all that is toxic. Once we are clear about what we need to do, we can choreograph a new rhythm and keep moving.

With determination – We will not reach far if we do not fuel our determination every day. Praying, tapping into the wisdom and encouragement from our support base, whispering our own pep talk in our ears and revisiting hardcore information will strengthen our determination to keep moving.   

With passion – Without a deep and abiding passion for what we are pursuing, no detailed plan will make the journey enjoyable and worthwhile. Our passion must sting our eyes and ring in our ears. It must be sweet on our lips. We must feel it on our fingertips. It must rumble in our hearts. Passion speaks the loudest when negative thoughts accost us. Passion whispers when the going gets tough. Passion makes it easy to keep moving.  

Any number of life circumstances can slow us down, knock us down and keep us down when we should be moving on with our lives – taking care of our obligations, building and cementing relationships, expanding our careers and working towards our dreams. If we stop moving, the mind-games grow vicious and the self-talk is brutal. We toy with casting our dreams aside and settling for mediocrity and a commonplace existence.

By all means, we should recap your goals and reassess our strategies but we must keep moving.  The true test of our character is how we find the strength to get up and move on. With faith, purpose, rhythm, determination and passion, we can pull ourselves up from the mire of disappointment, despondency, regret and failure and keep moving.  

(Published in the Trinidad Guardian’s Womanwise Magazine, Sunday 28th October 2012)


2 thoughts on “How to keep moving

  1. Thank you for this post. I have been picking myself up now for a few years and there are days I want to just cry. I know it is a side effect from all the stress and disappointments we have gone through even though we are starting over. I felt stronger just reading your words. Thank you!


  2. I can only imagine the range of emotions you have had to manage. You go ahead and cry whenever and however much you want to and need to. It's such a healthy release for physical,mental, emotional and spiritual pain. I pleased to know that my words helped.

    Sending you a virtual bundle of love, hugs and prayers.


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