Keeping our lives in balance

There’s nothing wrong with living a full and productive life – dismantling challenges, embracing new opportunities, exploring our creative sparks ….

Problems develop when we lose focus and become overwhelmed with  busyness. Regardless what’s happening, what we are doing and hope to do, we need to keep focused on what’s really important and what helps to keep our lives in balance.

To keep my life in balance:

* I try to stay mindful while performing my daily tasks so that I am aware of each step of the process and the significance of the result.

* Once I get some silence and solitude in the evening, I am relaxed and refreshed, regardless how much of a hassle the day has been. I jealousy guard my daily, personal, quiet time for relaxation and refreshing (mentally, physically and emotionally), reading and writing (in my journal or working on my books).

What helps you to keep your life in balance?


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