Thoughts on "Old Friends"

One of my favorite topics – Old Friends. Why? Because I’ve been blessed with a few and I cherish them – their authenticity,  their honesty, their generosity  their courageous hearts, their wealth of experience, their eagerness to prod me on when I’m on a difficult path. They call me an “old friend” and that doubles the blessing.

I have new friends too. They are priceless and I am doing all in my power to nurture these new friendships, so that we will be “old friends” in our later years. 

My friend, Cindy LaFerlefriends” posted the following quote on her Facebook page and naturally, it resonated with me. I share it with you. 

‎”One of the greatest titles we can have is “old friend.” But we never fully appreciate how important old friends are until we are older. The problem is, we need to start building our “old” relationships when we are young. And then we have to nurture and grow those relationships in our middle age — when a busy life and changing geographies cause us to neglect them. Today is the day to invest in the people we hope will call us “old friend” in the years to come.” 

~ Grant Fairley


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on "Old Friends"

  1. So glad you enjoyed this quotation, Cheryl — and thank you for sharing it with your friends too! I felt such a sense of gratitude for my lifelong friends who attended my son's wedding. My college roomie from MSU flew in from Chicago. She was also the maid of honor in my wedding 32 yrs ago, so it was very special to party with her at my son's wedding. There's nothing like a friend who has known you and stood by you over the stretch of many rough — and smooth — years. A blessing.


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