It’s not enough to simply climb over our mountains

We know we carry some issues with us on our life’s journey but we may not think of them as mountains. Glitches? Yes. Stumbling blocks? Yes. Potholes? Maybe. But mountains?  Hell no! That makes them seem larger and more ominous that we care to admit.

The idea of a mountain conjures visions of height, width, density, difficulty, sharp edges, trecherous ledges and fatal falls. Maybe we also envision suspicious crevices and dark, foreboding caves. Each harboring their own species of creepy, crawly creatures. 

We hedge and haw and hatch a plan to get past our mountains. We take a deep breath, steel our nerves and climb over them, as fast as we can  hoping that we leave them and whatever horrors they hold, behind, far behind. We hope we’ll never have to face them again. Sometimes we don’t. Often we do. Why? Because we only climbed over them, got past the  issues, without dealing with them.

In that scenario the unresolved issues eventually find us at an inopportune and uncomfortable moment.

In our journey to wherever we’re headed, it is important for us to deal definitively with the issues entangled in our mountains. We should treat them according to the level of threat they pose to the quality of our lives, our relationships and the achievement and enjoyment of our dreams.

When we do achieve our dreams, we should not have to fear that the old issues that resided in the mountains of our past, will resurface to bog us down, keep us back and reek havoc with our lives.

Are there mountains in your path? There are mountains in mine also. Let us determine to not just climb over them.

With faith, confidence, patience and courage, let us –

a. hack our way through the dense forest of problems and setbacks – taking note of what we can learn from them.  

b. create a path through the underbrush of emotional issues – dismantling them to get at their core and using it to understand why we fear, why we hurt and what feeds, fuels and inspires us on all levels.  

We will emerge on the clear side, the free side, the side where our dreams sit, waiting for us to grasp, celebrate and live them.

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