Don’t Let Challenges Stop You

Do challenges overwhelm you? Do you cower in fear in the face of difficulty? What do you do when you can’t imagine the end of a difficult situation? Do you simply STOP – stop moving towards your goals, stop striving to improve your life, stop taking care of yourself, stop nurturing your relationships? Do you give up living with gratitude, love, purpose and passion? Do you resign yourself to being a victim of the challenges that rise up in your path? If you were to approach challenges in a different way, they will empower you, rather than make you feel afraid, helpless and defeated.

The following suggestions can help you to deal with and get past your challenges.

Deflate the challenge.
When a challenge or problem arises, it may seem larger than life, as it threatens to consume your time, your energy and your resources. It is a perception you can change. You may not be able to alter a challenge but you can counteract its surge and swell. You can deflate its power by deepening your faith, conjuring your vision and stoking the fire of your passion. You can weaken its power by bolstering your confidence and strengthening your strategies. You can whittle down the challenge with the persistent throb of working your agenda. Envision the challenge, problem or situation shrinking before the strength of your conviction, confidence and courage. This will empower you to deal with the challenge and make any necessary changes to your initial plans.

Seek an innovative solution.
Frequently, the same old strategies yield the same old results – halfbaked solutions, time-sensitive fixes and faulty patch work. In your haste to be on your way with your planned itinerary, you might grasp easy, accustomed solutions that may not be appropriate to a current challenge. Looking for an innovative solution can be a creative and inspiring exercise.

Find a different path.
It is wise to have a well-defined path for your life and to pursue your dream but don’t cast it in stone. Instead, keep a measure of flexibility in play. Remain open to the idea that there could be another way to get from A to B. When there is an obstruction in the path of a river, the river cuts another path. It must flow. It must get to it destination. Likewise, you shouldn’t allow obstructions to stop you cold and build a reservoir of disappointment, regret, discouragement, bitterness and a taste for quitting.

Like a river, you too could seek another path to take you to your desired destination. It is important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to hack at a challenge. Gradually, resistance will yield to your patience, persistence and passion and you will lift your confidence and tickle your creativity muscles. If you remain calm, instead of multiply negative scenarios, you might discover a “give” in your circumstances and an easy flow. Fresh ideas and creative inspiration will surface to help with your journey. Moreover, the gravity inherent in your vision will help pull you past the challenge and on to a different path.

Challenges are a part of life. How you deal with them determines the ultimate story and flavour of your life. If you crumble, disappointed and defeated, you lose. You overpower challenges over time and with a generous helping of patience. Challenges are opportunities step out of your comfortable place, to learn and to grow. With a combination of courage and determination you can deflate them, source an innovative solution or find a different path to live your life and pursue your dream.

(Published in the Womanwise Magazine Sunday 16th September 2012)

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