Create a delicate life balance

Because our lives are busy and other people (children, spouses, aging parents, employers, friends…) depend on us, it is important to balance in our lives to nurture ourselves. Moreover, that balance must be delicate to ensure that we maintain our autehenticity in the world that calls for sameness, stay healthy, honour our responsibilites, maintain healthy relationships, keep the passion for our dreams aflame. 

When we don’t create a delicate balance in our lives, the day soon arrives when we are forced to make a drastic decision to regain our sanity. Then, instead of supporting us, people around us might feel slighted, jealous, left out and react negatively. Of course their actions only add to the guilt we generate in our own minds. But that’s the price we have to pay for not treating ourselves to the necessary life balance in the first place.

“Better late than never” the saying goes. Better a drastic move towards balance than none at all, but why put it off when we can create the balance under simpler, more relaxed and less demanding circumstances?  

Is your life a mess of busyness? Is it so busy that you feel as if you are losing yourself and forfeiting your dreams? Don’t wait any longer. The mere fact that you recognize where you are on your life path, is a sign that you are not yet lost.

Pull in the reins. Step off the treadmill. Sit a while. Breathe. Write in your journal about your busyness, overwhelm, what you want for your life and how you plan to streamline your days to get yourself back on track with a balanced life that caters to your needs and ensures that you are well-poised to meet your responsibilities.

Create a delicate balance now, when you can ease into it gently and your loved ones can understand and encourage you wholeheartedly. Do it now before it becomes such a crucial issue, maybe even a life and death issue. Create the life balance that will not only keep you sane, grateful, creative, energetic, compassionate, happy, loving, passionate and actively pursuing your dreams.  

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