Is your home healthy?

When our hearts are unhealthy, our whole body suffers. Likewise, an unhealthy home impacts us negatively on all levels.
Is your home healthy? Ask the following 5 questions to help you make an accurate diagnosis.
 1. Is there a clear and steady rhythm of life and work and leisure and laughter and fun?
  2. Do relationships flourish within its walls?
  3. Do friends feel welcomed and nurtured as they walk through its doors?
  4.  Is it the seat of my true self, representing and reflecting my core values,  my love for those who share the space with me, my dreams, my passions, my valued treasures, my gratitude for life’s smallest blessings, my commitment to and practice of informative, instructional, inspiring and lively conversations, my commitment to preparing delicious and healthy meals, my mindful attention to regular chores and occasional projects?
  5. Is there a special place where I can retreat for personal quiet-time to reflect, relax my body, renew my mind, refresh my spirit? 
Just as we are adopting “green living” principles and practices, let us also cultivate a healthy home on this level – where the heart of our homes throb  with the vibrancy of a happy, fulfilled and passionate life with loving relationships, nurturing spaces and healthy practices.

Here’s to our home’s health.


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