The magic of memories

I may have shared this on Facebook some time ago, but as I continue to write my story, memories are surfacing that surprise, hurt and delight me.
Jessica P. Morrell captured my heart with the following words, in her post “Going Home”.

“… as we write from memory, more memories arrive, and with memory comes associations and inspirations and more stories. And we find patterns, sometimes that have gone unnoticed for years, threading through events and truths and discoveries.”
This has been my experience. One memory sparks another and another. Before long, I am wallowing in a sea of memories, each connected in some major or minor way to another.

In a way, it is magical how it all happens. And the writing is richer, deeper, more meaningful and cathartic because of them and the tapestry they weave in my life.

You may be writing a book, a blog post, a journal entry, a letter. Do your memories blossom and multiply, stirring long-suppressed emotions, revealing their hidden threads of connections, sparking inspiration …?  


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