Thoughts on Writing – The writing is what’s important

Often, writing is a combination of fear, self-doubt, distractions, procrastination and the nitty-gritty of every day life. For some of us, every day is a clumsy, start and stop, love and hate, win and lose struggle with these issues, these realities to write what we want to write and need to write. We brave the dismal side of writing to transform our thoughts, feelings and experiences into words.

We only want to say what we saw, what we heard, how we felt, what we did and the details of our lives that affected us deeply and made us who we are.We only want to say what we see, what we hear, how we feel, what we are doing or are afraid to do. We only want to siphon lessons from our experiences in the hope that others might discover some faint glimmer of hope and inspiration for their own lives. We write to ask questions, hoping to uncover answers in the ocean of words.

Additionally, our experiences tell us that the simple act of writing can provide clarity, bring relief and comfort for our anxious and aching hearts. We also know that with each additional day that we write through what stalls, frightens and blocks us, our confidence will increase – even if only by a single drop.  

Moreover, we face and fight our challenges to bathe in the joy of writing.

The writing is what is important. And when we do it bravely, honestly and passionately, we may see the other side – publication, fame and fortune. Even if we don’t, deep down we can and will have the satisfaction of knowing that we gave time, effort and heart to the process, the practice and the pleasure of writing.  


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Writing – The writing is what’s important

  1. Cindy LeFerle posted this comment but I deleted it by mistake. Instead of clicking the PUBLISH button, I hit the DELETE button.

    Sorry Cindy. I'm putting your comment below:

    Good stuff here, Cheryl. As a writing teacher, I meet so many talented students who are discouraged because it IS much harder to get published these days — and even harder to get PAID for being published. The Internet that has made it possible for everyone to put their work out there has made the competition tougher. Back in the day, there weren't as many family columnists or parenting experts and so on. Now, everyone's got a blog and a platform — and it's not easy to stand out as an original voice anymore.

    But that doesn't mean we should stop writing what we need to write. Our audience might not be huge, but there are folks out there who want to hear what we say. And getting our truth on paper is a gift to ourselves, as you aptly pointed out!


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