Scars tell the true stories

Several months ago, in a conversation with author, Jessica P. Morrell, she said this, “Scars tell the best stories”. What a haunting thought! But those words inspired me to not forsake writing the story of my own emotionally scarred life.
As I reflected on Jessica’s words, it may seem as if the best way to cope with our lives is to live it with our scars hidden and if possible, forgotten. I’ve learned though, that one of the best ways to live a full, rich, authentic life is with our scars exposed, just to be seen, but to hear them tell their stories. I’ve read of people and know several personally, who live their lives just like that. They also discovered that scars tell the best stories. They don’t make excuses, they don’t apologize, they don’t hide. They own the reality of their lives, the truth, the whole truth, scars and all.
Each, lives her life confidently and authentically. Often, without fanfare but quietly and with dollops of grace, she declares – This is who I am. This is all part of my life’s journey. I am not ashamed of it. I own it. My scars enrich my life.
Our emotional scars tell their own kinds of stories – disappointment, rejection, heartbreak, failure and loss. There may still be tenderness beneath some of our scars. Touching them by remembering or even worse, speaking about them, sends shock-waves through us, dredging up the bitter details. Yet, just the simple, definitive decision to live with them on the surface of our lives, visible on the surface of our relationships, using them as a catalyst for ongoing change, renewal and adventure reveals:
* a mind focused on the positive aspects of life and the vision of the possibilities of dreams yet to be achieved
* a heart strengthened through adversity, forgiving of others and ourselves, deeply committed to living fully and passionately.
Are you ashamed of your scars? Or are you living with them on the surface of your life, allowing them to tell their stories of rising after you had fallen, believing all through the dark times, focusing on what you dreamed for yourself, walking confidently into the light of deliverance and triumph?

Scars not only tell the best stories, they tell the true stories of who we are in spite of the details beneath them. 

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