Sentimental Treasures – The Laundry Detergent Container

Regardless how far and fast we may flee from the negative aspects of our past, we carry with us, a delightful mixture of happy memories/stories, inspiring lessons, heartfelt emotions and priceless physical treasures.

In a series of posts, I will share some of my stories and treasures.

The old plastic container

Laundry detergent Container
My mother used this container to store powered laundry detergent. Tide ™ was her brand of choice and it is still on the grocery shelves today. Of course, it has been modified and improved. It comes in plastic bags (powder form) and in bottles (liquid form), as opposed to the boxes of a bygone era. Naturally, it also comes with a price tag to match.

I’ve bought different brands over the years, yet, when I glimpse  Tide on the shelf, my heart does a little happy dance at the memories it stirs. We didn’t have a washing machine so my memory flashes with my mother working over clothes in a washtub as we called it. In earlier days, it was a concrete tub in which she placed a wooden scrubbing board. Later on, the concrete washtubs came with the scrubbing board built in. It would have been harder on the knuckles but one item instead of two must have seemed like the invention of the century. I must have been very young when my parents bought one but I have no doubt it was an eventful day and my mother must have been over-the-moon happy to own one.  

She passed on this laundry detergent bottle to me when I got married thirty-three years ago (August 11th.  And, although I see many storage containers of varying shapes and sizes and in attractive finishes, my mother’s laundry detergent container is my pride and joy. It is a piece of my childhood and a connection to her – a connection that is more priceless with each passing year, since her death in 2000.


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