5 things that make the achievement of our dreams worthwhile

Whether we stay at home and inch our way to it or travel afar in search of it, our dreams call us. We may have to climb mountains, trudge through valleys, sail the ocean or walk beaten paths in pursuit of our dreams. Troubled by fears within and without, we reach out to lay hold of them and bring them into the light of reality.

In the end, 5 things will make the achievement of our dreams worthwhile:

1. The journey – though long and difficult, we moved through the process with dedication, focus, hard word and passion.

2. The lessons – some for the moment, others for a lifetime, but secured in our pockets, they will continue to serve us well into the future.

3. The supporters – without them the journey would have been lonesome and the trials heavier to bear.

4. The opportunities – on the strength of our passion, our experiences and our accomplishments, we are poised to instruct and inspire others to identify and pursue their own dreams.

5. The legacy – despite all the negativity in the world, when we die, those we leave behind can use our legacy of faith, vision, hard work, dedication and excellence to propel them towards the future they envision for themselves.

Are you discouraged about the path ahead – too rugged, too treacherous, too uncertain?  Don’t be, follow your path, brave the difficulties and don’t give up. Take another look at the 5 things that will make the achievement of your dream worthwhile.


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