The necessary things may not be the best things

Many of the things we do daily and occasionally are necessary to live comfortably and work efficiently. What I fear is that with all our “doing necessary things”, we might not be “doing the best things” for ourselves, our minds, our hearts, our bodies, our relationships, our careers and our dreams.

Many of the necessary things we do demand sacrifices, compromises and sometimes even a bit of mindless execution. Yet, when it comes to our individual needs and longings, we seem to believe that the sacrifices and compromises they require are too hard to make. Moreover, we are too quick to make excuses for our failure to address our needs and we readily apportion blame everywhere except where it resides – with our frightened selves. And it is that barrier, that barnacle of fear that sucks the life blood out of us as we minimize and dismiss our personal needs and cast our dreams aside.

Are the necessary things you do, the best things for you?


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