Passion absorbs both the medium and the message

My dear mother was an avid reader, so books littered our home. In my childhood dream, writing seemed simple, effortless. And it was for the first few years, when I began freelancing in 1998. I wrote about what I was passionate about at that time – interior design. Gradually, my passion shifted its allegiance. I became passionate about the medium itself and its power to deliver information, comfort and inspiration to people who were living below the bar of their own abilities, expectations and dreams, people who, having crossed the bar, were still struggling with age-old issues – people like me, in so many ways. Then, I experienced another shift – my passion, unable to distinguish between the medium and the message, absorbed them both. And this is where I’ve been living.

You see, as a baby boomer (born in 1955), I have a list of life experiences under my belt. Each came with its own stack of lessons. Some of them had to be hammered in my brain because I was too daffed to “get it”. Some were poured down my throat, while I kicked and screamed, because good medicine usually has a bad taste. Some, I am still struggling to accept.

Not every topic I write about is in the sphere of my past experiences. Yet, from the people I talk with and the stories I read, I am inspired to write about the issues. More often than not, after an article or blog post has gone out into the world, I have to confront the same, similar or related issues. Although I empathize with women who have lived and are living in the scenarios I write about, I connect to those women on a different, more meaningful level when those scenarios come knocking at my door.

Some aspects of the childhood vision of a writer and the writing life still lives on. It inspires me when I am tired, lost and blocked. Some days, like today for instance, I am grateful to be living my dream. The message has changed over the year but the medium remains and the passion is as vibrant as ever.


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