When we stumble into dismal places

On the journey of our lives, often we stumble into dismal places, unaware of the terror they hold. As the reality rises in the dark silence, it is too late to turn back, too late to runaway. We have no choice but to arm ourselves with faith, prayer and determination and barrel through the darkness, until we see the light of deliverance in the distance. Some of us may reach a familiar corner, where we pause to catch our breath before we continue. Some of us may find refuge, comfort and camaraderie among other travelers.

Still, we must move on and keep moving. In a large part, it is a journey of discovery – of who we are,what we believe, who loves us, who we can trust, where our strengths exist… Additionally, we discover that our dreams combined with our passion to achieve them can pull us through the days of doubt and fear.

If you’re in a dismal place today, don’t let fear paralyze you. Hold to your faith, prayer for direction. Keep your dream alive. Keep moving, cautiously but with confidence and courage, until you see the light.


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