13 positive things on Black Friday

My list of 13 positive things to counteract the negativity of black Friday (bad luck and other spooky superstitious stuff). Maybe I should just call it my Friday 13th Gratitude list because that is what is is really. After all, I’ve learned that often, when negativity (bad luck, superstition and doom, gloom and fear) abounds, gratitude helps to keep us positive (happy, compassionate, loving).

1. Rain or sun I got my tech-gadgets to help me get my work done and stay connected
2. Really super friends scattered across the globe. Of special note – some of the friends I met online: Mridu (India), Cheryl (Australia), Reynald (Portugal), Luanna (Norway), Rosalina and Malita (Spain), Gigi (France), Jan, Joanna, Cindy, Diantha, Kathi and AnnaMaria (US). Some of my cherished old school friends and some extra-special darling friends who still live here in sweet T&T.
3. Every imaginable shade of green
4. Delicious cool breeze sweeping through open, east-facing sliding door
5. Print books with their sensory elements
6. Digital books and the technology that makes publishing, buying and reading them sheer pleasure
7. Love
8. Passion
9. A cat (Immi-Poppit) who owns me and treats me like family
10. Family members who irritate me as much as (I am sure) I irritate them but there’s a lot of love circling among us
11. Spicy Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, Baked/Grilled Chicken, Fresh Green Salad and Lime/Grapefruit Juice
12. Cold shower on a hot day
13. Cooking/Baking treasures: Bread Maker, Slow Cooker, Grill Pan, Bamboo Steamer

Could you compile a list of 13 positive things and thoughts to counteract the negativity of Black Friday?


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