I’m thrilled – Bookplate Ink, Joanne DeMaio and Whole Latte Life

Yes, I’m thrilled and here’s why:

Bookplate Ink has a rich history and the full story still has not been told. They mentioned me in their Bookplace Ink News dated 06/12/2012 and shared a link to my Instagram photo of the bookplate Joanne DeMaio sent to me. Bookplate Ink printed the bookplates for Joanne to give to her readers. The photo also shows Joanne’s lovely, highly-reviewed and prize-winning book – Whole Latte Life.

A beautiful work of fiction, Whole Latte Life is Sara Beth Riley’s story but it could easily be yours and mine. Although I’ve thought about it, I’m not sure I have the gumption to pull off that disappearing act. Her emotions, conflicts, fears, dreams – resonate with me at a deep level. I haven’t quite gotten over how the book affected me. In fact, I still find it difficult to talk about it, except on the pages of my journal.

Nevertheless, I began rereading it last night. Yes, I’m going back in for another blast of delight, self-reflection and inspiration.

Whole Latte Life by Joanne DeMaio


4 thoughts on “I’m thrilled – Bookplate Ink, Joanne DeMaio and Whole Latte Life

  1. Hi Cheryl, And I'm thrilled that you are so enjoying my story. It's the highest compliment for a writer to know how deeply a reader connects with their work. Thanks for all your support, my friend.



  2. Goodnight Joanne,

    I still have difficulty talking about the impact Whole Latte Life and Sara Beth's story had on me. I was in a real funk after reading it. While I haven't resolved my issues fully, I am in a better place emotionally and improving more and more every day.


  3. Thanks so much for mentioning Bookplate Ink, Cheryl! I hope to write more about our history and the history of Antioch Bookplate in the blog sometime. And now I am very intrigued about Joanne's book and need to find time to read it!


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