Blogathon 2012 – May 23. Some days….I let things go

Most days are productive. I get most of my to-do’s done in a timely manner. I might even manage to get a bit of silence and solitude somewhere in the busyness that prevails.

But some days… I just let things go. I let things slide. I let go of everything, even the things that I enjoy doing. Today was one of those days. I felt as if my energy and enthusiasm did not get out of bed with my body. So I chucked everything that wasn’t necessary for life and health and joy (yes, joy).

I did only what was absolutely necessary: had breakfast, showered, got my granddaughter ready and dropped her to school. When I returned, I fed my grandson and put him in his crib (he sleeps for three to four hours in the morning). SWEET! I had a second shower and slipped back into bed.

After the most glorious two-hour mid-morning nap, I stepped back into the day, a wee bit refreshed and energized. I managed two loads of laundry, a bit of tidying in the main living areas and shopped the freezer for a late lunch – God bless the person who invented it. Now I can dedicate several hours to writing and reading.

It hasn’t always been this easy to let things go on days like today but I’ve learned to recognize such days early enough to take action (or no action as the case may be) early. I deal with days like today, in the way that works for me – I just let things go. I let them slide until I feel ready to handle them. I’ve learned too, that letting things go, is a gift I give myself. Moreover, when I treat myself with this brand of loving care, I am a more loving and caring person to others.

What do you do when you have one of these days?  


2 thoughts on “Blogathon 2012 – May 23. Some days….I let things go

  1. Thanks for this wonderful post, Cheryl! Just reading it made me feel relaxed. 🙂

    I too have been known to go back to bed for a two-hour morning nap! Somehow that mid-morning sleep is extra refreshing. It makes for a very productive afternoon.




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