Blogathon 2012 – May 17. Women/Sisters/Friends

We don’t begin with the intention to sit with frustration and muddle our days griping and blaming others. But often, that is what happens. If we accept that life is an odd but beautiful patchwork of memories, relationships, issues, circumstances and events, we’ll embrace those that thrill us and siphon the lessons and blessings from those that scare or hurt us. 
An attitude and a practice of gratitude, flexibility, compassion and compromise will help steer us through our dark days. They will also inspire and empower us to help another woman/sister/friend to walk through the awkward paths on her unique journey.
Different personalities, varied issues and experiences – yet the common thread of wanting, willing and working to live our best lives runs through us.
Let us stand proud in our uniqueness and link with one another in the spirit of womanhood/sisterhood/friendship: – 
* caring for ourselves 
* nurturing our relationships,
* loving deeply, passionately and compassionately 
* expanding our educational and professional borders 
* pursuing our dreams 
* living each day with grace and gratitude
Who is with me?

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