Blogathon 2012 – May 12. I relaxed all day

If I wasn’t here to see it first-hand with my own two eyes, I might not have believed it. It was one those eeeaasssyyy Saturdays – the kind you dream off all week, while you’re deep in the throes of the hustle and hassle of daily life.

I relaxed all day. All day friends. SWEET!

So sweet, in fact, that I have body pains from lounging in one position for far too long: reading, writing, surfing on my Acer Tablet. This device is so cool – allowing me to do just about everything  but make and receive phone calls and send and receive texts. No problem though, because the phone features would only distract me from what makes relaxing fruitful and enjoyable for me.

This was one of the best Saturdays ever and I’m wondering when I can do this all-day-relaxing-thing again.

How was your Saturday?


2 thoughts on “Blogathon 2012 – May 12. I relaxed all day

  1. Cheryl, I'm so happy for you that you were able to spend a whole Saturday relaxing. I was able to, too. My husband went to see his sister 100 miles away from where we live, and as a retired lady, my day was mine to spend as it transpired. It was fun.


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