Blogathon 2012 – May 9. When good intentions don’t materialize

This was my morning intention, which I posted to Facebook and Twitter:

“Don’t know what the day holds but I embrace it with gratitude. I intend to live joyfully in each moment.”

Yeah right!

I tried. I failed. Miserably.

Suffice it to say that instead of one quiet, sleep-all-morning grandchild, I had two (my 3-yr-old granddaughter did not go to school today). The three/four-hour sleeper did not sleep and the cartoon-watcher chose to play with every toy at the same time. They fought and they cried.

I didn’t feel grateful for the noise and change of routine. I was so frustrated at not getting any writing done, I didn’t even think of joy. I didn’t even look for it.

It took all day for the munchkins to fall asleep and for me to admit that – 

Sometimes, in the busyness and unpredictability of life, perfection, productivity and precise agendas are not where we find the true reasons for gratitude or the sources of real joy. They live in the sudden flip and turn of the day, the circumstances that stretch our patience and tax our sanity. In the scheme of life, we have to be grateful for being alive to see what the day brings and we have to be willing to scrape a smidgen of joy from the bottom of the barrel of runaway days and dangling routines. And, if we fail at that, we can at least be grateful for our good intentions.

So, at the end of a tiring day, I am grateful to be alive to enjoy my darling grandchildren (especially when they are asleep) and I eventually found joy preparing a big pot of soup. You know the kind – everything but the kitchen sink. Talk about a hearty meal!

Know what? I just might give today’s good intention another try tomorrow.


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