Blogathon 2012 – May 2

I come to  my commitment to Blogathon 2012 breathless – it’s been one of those days. You know the kind.

Let me describe it this way:

I woke up all quiet and pensive and determined to take things slow and simple and mindfully. But before I knew what hit me, I was in Superwoman mode and everything seemed to clamor for immediate attention. Well, true to my Superwoman tendencies, I tackled them and sent them on their way – done.

All day though, the Blogathon challenge was on my mind. And despite the mental and physical exhaustion, I made here. PHEW! Done!


5 thoughts on “Blogathon 2012 – May 2

  1. That's a new description. Thank you.

    I accept it with gratitude and humility, knowing how difficult it is to accomplish even relatively simple tasks, given my obsession with perfection and my tendency to procrastinate when I am fearful, fretful and tired.


  2. I assure you, that I am what I am with the help of my friend, who make living and writing seem blissful and effortless but never fail to tell their stories of fear, self-doubt, kick-butt-determination and blast-through-blocks-confidence.


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