Give yourself permission

Sometimes, when we envision or need to slow down, tune out, turn off our striving to be busy, in control and perfect, we hold back, fearing not only what people around us might say and how they might respond. We also fear that we might have to explain or justify our feelings, our decisions and our actions.

Often though, if we simply dare to give ourselves permission to do what we need to do to find balance, get centered, return to our true selves, corral our scampering thoughts, understand and reshape our emotions or find the right path for our creative energies, we will find that we need not speak or explain. We have only to acknowledge what we need and give ourselves permission to be, to do and to enjoy it.

Immi-Poppit takes me-time

What do you need for you today, this weekend – a nap, an hour or two in your neglected garden, silence and solitude to paint, sew, read, write, watch a movie…?

Are you afraid you might have to explain, justify or apologize? Set aside that anxiety and give yourself permission to treat yourself well – gently, lovingly. You might be surprised to discover that the people you love and who love you will notice, empathize and give you your space without question.

In that case, go ahead. Maybe treating yourself well, gently and lovingly is not enough. No? Well then, be decadent. Don’t you think you deserve it?


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