Novel thoughts

For 30 years I have toyed with the idea of writing a novel. On my 45th birthday, I sat in bed and wrote 15 pages. That was 11 years ago. Over the years I’ve stuck a few pages in the folder. Each page holding a spark of memory from my own life, mixed with some fictitious idea. I’ve never counted the pages but maybe the book has already been written or maybe not.

I read and write about fear – about facing it, understanding it, dismantling it, fighting it down and going on. Sometimes I think I’ve done that and I am ready to sift through and sort out the pages in my novel’s folder. But each time, there is that darn fear again.

Last year, I stumbled upon a different truth – a reality that dismantled everything I believed about a particular situation in my own life, which means there will be a new twist in my novel’s story. So, I have to identify the new fears that have surfaced and deal with them so that I can go on, as I often encourage my readers to do.


It is interesting, if not downright puzzling, how you can live your life totally consumed with one belief, only to discover that you missed the real story – the heartbreaking truth. 


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