Adjust your attitudes and boost your career

There may be some who are oblivious to the professional destruction their bad attitudes cause. Others may not be aware of the bad attitudes they unleash on others. May be you are one of those who have noticed the slow demise or stagnation of your career and you are willing to take the necessary action to achieve your professional goals. Often, our attitudes keep us stuck in our careers. Off-loading the bad, tweaking the so-so, adopting some new attitudes may be just what we need to boost our careers.
Has your career stalled? Is it moving at a slow pace? Are your goals sitting idly on your to-achieve list? Adjust your attitudes to boost your career. 
Off-load the bad attitudes. If you’re unsure of what attitudes are holding you back, do an attitude inventory against the backdrop of instances when a particular goal was almost in your grasp but it eluded you. Did you have a disagreement with a co-worker? Did you show resentment when asked a question in staff meeting? Did you play the “that’s not on my list of official duties” card when your supervisor asked you to stand in for a new or junior employee? What thoughts raged through your mind? What did you say? How did you say it? What body language did you convey? 
Often bad attitudes emerge out of bad experiences. Sometimes, they originate in your feelings about yourself, usually sparked by low-esteem, weak self confidence and real or irrational fears. Additionally, the people you live, work and socialize with, display attitudes that rub off on you under the cloud of pressure to conform. Bad attitudes show in your facial expressions and body language. They form the thoughts that generate the words you use and spur your actions. While it is true that people may misinterpret your attitude, it is in your best interest and the interest of your career goals to identify the bad attitudes that your work colleagues and superiors notice, comment on and condemn. 

Tweak the so-so attitudes. You’ve come this far in your career. You must have been doing something right, or at least so-so. Because no one is perfect, a bit of tweaking never hurts to up your game in your chosen field. Check that you are more assertive than aggressive, more confident than afraid, more pro-active than laid-back, less apologetic and more willing to stand by your decisions, accept liability, contribute to solutions and open to innovative ideas.
Adopt the good attitudes. Whether it is a habit or an attitude, it takes time to learn and adopt it. You may have noticed and admired a particular attitude displayed by a work colleague, a supervisor, director or an expert in your field. Moreover, you may be secretly wishing you could have the attitude of someone who faced the worst and yet, accomplished great things with style, integrity and humility. Name the attitude you want to adopt and begin instilling it into your personality, by practicing every day as you face challenging situations. 
Attitude has to do with beliefs, values, mind-set and conviction. Are your beliefs shaky, your values skewered, your mind-set based on negativity (fear, anger, bitterness…) and your conviction steeped in error? Then, the goals you are yearning for and striving after may be eluding your grasp. Your bad attitudes may be preventing you from accomplishing the small steps that lead to your big career dreams. Take your attitudes in hand and adjust them to help you get where you want to go. Off-load the bad attitudes, tweak those that are so-so and adopt the good attitudes that will boost your career.  
(This piece was published in my Wright Words of Wisdom column in the Womanwise Magazine on Sunday 8th April, 2011.)

3 thoughts on “Adjust your attitudes and boost your career

  1. So much of attitude is a choice as we select our mindset each day. It may not always be easy, but choosing the positive is always worth it. It's empowering to know that we have the “choice” to see things certain ways.


  2. Joanne,

    People and cirumstances can stress and stretch us but we should not blame either of them for any bad attitudes we exhibit. Indeed, we have the choice and power to cultivate and exercise good attitudes.


  3. So true, Cheryl! I always loved the advice, “Act as if and get a lift.” It works. Creative people tend to ruminate on things — that is the flip side of positive daydreaming, and hard to keep under control.


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