How to get your groove back

It is true, people and circumstances can trip us up and cause us to lose our rhythm. However, in many instances, we trip our own selves and lose our groove. We know we have lost our groove when we are floundering, unsure how and where to step in our personal lives, our relationships and our careers.
Have you lost your groove? Here are some suggestions to help you get it back.  

Ease off the negativity. It is hard to sustain your groove when you are harbouring fears of anticipated outcomes, doubts about your abilities and regrets about past failures. Negative thinking not only holds you back and keeps you stuck. Inevitably, it manifests itself in negative attitudes and actions. When negativity dictates your words, attitudes and actions, you hurt yourself, your potential, your relationships, your career and your dreams. Rid yourself of the negativity you’re living with to make room for the positive and energizing thoughts, feelings and actions that will help you get your groove back.

Go out each day with a positive attitude. Going into each day with a positive attitude helps you to manage even the unexpected situations. It helps you to stay in a good frame of mind, inspire others and get back into the groove that fills your days with hope and enthusiasm.  

Tickle your inner child. When you silence and stifle the carefree, adventurous, creative spirit within you, you are likely to suffocate your ability to daydream, relax and do nothing (a worthwhile exercise), trust people, love unconditionally and more importantly, to play with wild abandon. All right, you may pass on skipping rope or climbing trees. Still, if you look within and let the memories stir, you may rediscover the simple joys of your childhood. Give them an adult makeover and enjoy the activity.

Hangout with groovy people. Grooving alone is fine but life is so much more interesting and exciting when you can hang out with people who know how to maintain their groove in the awkward rhythm of life. Connect with people with a similar groove as well as those who appreciate yours, even as they have their own groove going on.  

Cut yourself some slack. With the many issues and circumstances it brings, life is serious business. In a general sense, life may be no laughing matter. However, since like everyone else, you have your unique idiosyncrasies, dreams and fears, you might as well cut yourself some slack. Give yourself a break, loosen your grip on what you can’t control and stay open to the unexpected. Your groove will return and once again, you will be able to swing easily when the beat of life changes.

Surrender to bouts of laughter. It is the best medicine. It is free. It is infectious. It heals. It shakes things up. It helps you get your back into your  groove. Throw a little humour into the mix of the twists and turns of life, the strange things people say and do and the troubles that visit and stay too long.  

Be spontaneous. Spontaneity is a great way to welcome back your groove. When you are spontaneous, you explore and express your creativity. You find joy in the simple things, you embrace adventure and your life is exciting, full, rich and passionate.
Life can dish out some mean experiences. If we want to live vibrant lives, we can’t let them tie us up so tight that we lose our groove. So, we discard our shackles and embrace positive thoughts and actions. Our enthusiasm will stir and we’ll be grooving again in no time.  
[This article was published on Sunday February 26th 2012, in my Wright Words of Wisdom column, in the print version of Womanwise Magazine.]


One thought on “How to get your groove back

  1. Cheryl, Have you ever heard the song Feelin' Groovy? That would be the soundtrack to this article 🙂

    I like the advice about having a positive attitude. We can choose how we look at things, and if we choose the bright side, it becomes natural to see life that way.

    And as for hanging out with groovy people, that's why I came here, to hang out with one of my faves 🙂


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