Lukewarm is not good enough

Lukewarm about life? If that’s how you like it. Fine, live that way. BUT if not, you can’t be lukewarm. Hell, that’s not good enough. Lukewarm just doesn’t cut it. You can’t get very far on it. It makes the ride boring, almost sickening and definitely dispassionate in every sense.

What do you want? Where are you headed? If you don’t light a fire beneath your lukewarm desire and mediocre attempts at action, you’re destined for a ho-hum trip at best.

Strike a match.

Fan those flames.

Give a thumbs up to life and the adventure it lays out before you.

Fire up your engine.

Take off running, jumping, hollering at every hindrance, screaming, “Bring it on!” to every new twist and turn.

Lukewarm is not good enough. Lukewarm doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to be steaming hot over your life, your loves, your dreams, in order to pursue, hold, live and enjoy them with the passion they deserve.

No. Lukewarm is not good enough. You got to have a raging fire in your heart. Your passion must seep through and burn everything you do, every day.


2 thoughts on “Lukewarm is not good enough

  1. You go, girl! Love the energy here, it's very infectious … I fanned those creative flames last fall when I got tired of my writing projects sitting lukewarm. Deciding to publish fired up my engines in ways I never saw coming … Vrooom Vrooom!


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