Joanne DeMaio asks: "What pulls you out of a creative slumber?"

As always, Joanne DeMaio has a delightful and inspiring post on her blog, Whole Latte Life. 
My favorite part?

We all need a little hibernation from time to time.  A quiet comfortable space to withdraw to, a place to rest and recharge.  But not for too long!  Little catnaps from creativity are fine, helpful even.  But too much snoozing and our muse we risk losing.”

And her question?

“When you’ve been hibernating from creating, what energizes you so that you hop back to it, putting yourself out on a limb and exploring your craft once again …  A change of scenery?  Reading others’ books?  Viewing artwork?  A brisk outdoor walk?  Music?
What pulls you out of a creative slumber?”

Some of the books I bought last year

Hands down – reading.  A book about writing or a writer’s biography never fails to spark words of my own for the book I’ve been working on, for far too long to mention, current assignments in progress or something new. 

I’d love to read your answers.


2 thoughts on “Joanne DeMaio asks: "What pulls you out of a creative slumber?"

  1. Thanks for the mention, Cheryl. Like I said on my blog, research really helps me. I look up certain aspects of my story, and the facts I find spark new ideas, angles, traits, that I'm then glad to bring to the page. You'll see some of that type of research and how I weave it into my story in my novel.


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