Fight off your fears – Wright Words of Wisdom in Womanwise Magazine

Today’s Wright Words of Wisdom, published in the Trinidad Guardian’s Womanwise Magazine.
Fight off your Fears

Regardless how deep-seated and paralysing fear is, we don’t have to fraternise with it. Have you ever allowed the fear of something happening, rob you of your enthusiasm, and sap your energy, only to see a positive outcome? You would have spent time in anguish all for naught. Many of our present fears and worries will never materialise. If they do, they may be far less significant than we now imagine.   
We should fight off our fears because: 
Fear is a bad habit. Much like anxiety, worry and self-pity, we cultivate the habit of fear. If we can imagine that terrible things will befall us, we can also imagine overcoming every difficulty we could encounter. Why not change the negative habit of fear into the positive habit of hope. Besides, the more we fear a particular task or situation, the greater the triumph in overcoming it. We can turn it into the possibility and promise of great personal achievement. 
Fear leaves us vulnerable. We may feel threatened by real or perceived enemies and obstacles. We live with the discomfort that painful past events might recur. Consequently, we are vulnerable to the deepening of existing fears and the rise of new ones that may or may not be related. In our vulnerable state, we become obsessed with despairing thoughts, which prompt troubling emotions. Additionally, we make bad decisions and take ill-advised and hasty actions. 
Fear provides a false sense of security. We believe that if we do not think, feel, say or do something, we are safe. The risk, the consequences may always remain possible, but so will our current state – afraid, paralysed and without the realisation of our dreams. That is not security. 
That is psychological lockdown. 
To fight off your fears: 
Pray. The simple act of going to God in prayer with fears in hand will fill your heart with the settling confidence that He will calm and comfort you. He will give you courage to venture on the path you fear. 
Analyse. When you begin to analyse your fear, you weaken its hold on you. Where did it originate? Take yourself through whatever reconciliatory and corrective processes are necessary. Fear increasingly diminishes as you explore your options. Deal with it bravely, honestly, forthrightly. 
Make plans. The longer you linger with your fears, the longer you remain where you are. Is there something you long to do? Something you dream of doing, somewhere you dream of going, some opportunity hovering before you? Make plans for your life. Formulate them in your mind and write them down. It is a crucial step in moving forward. 

Take action. The plans you draw up will profit you little unless you get up off that chair, put on your work clothes, arm yourself with the appropriate tools and begin taking action. 
Are you ready to fight off your fears? Then it is time to say,  
“I’m not going to give in to fear anymore! Despite the lump in my throat, the tremor in my voice, the palpitations of my heart and the churning in my stomach, I am going to do what I believe is right, what I should do, what I have to do and what I want to do. With God’s help, I am going to move forward with my life. I am going to seize the opportunity, accept the challenge and step off the edge. Whatever obstacles may come, I am going to navigate my way through them to find and live my life purpose and achieve my dreams.” 

7 thoughts on “Fight off your fears – Wright Words of Wisdom in Womanwise Magazine

  1. You really said it with your words about moving forward with life. Fear does have that way of freezing us in place. I've found that when I face fears, I always learn from the process and find a certain exhilaration in knowing the fear is then behind me.


  2. Hi Terri,

    I know you;re struggling both with the move and your writing.. God is good. He's working out His divine plan for you, you'll see.

    Glad to hear that He used my writing to help you along.


  3. Hey Joanne,

    That's an important part of the process – knowing that they are behind us.

    We may have the tendency to keep lugging them with us which defeats the the moving forward step. Wish I had the option of more words for the piece. I'd have added: Fear weighs us down, which makes moving forward difficult, if not impossible.


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