Inspiration from Writers’ Spaces

I don’t get to my New Year goals until anywhere between the middle to the end of January. I need time to feel my way around and settle into the New Year. But I use the first few weeks to pump myself full of inspiration for my writing.

The normal twists and turns, distractions, interruptions and the unexpected occurrences in my life, often force me to change how much, where and when I write.  With three computer, mounds of notebooks and a lovely collection of pens, it is easy to deposit words anywhere:

In bed on my Netbook

On my desktop in the alcove in my bedroom

On my Laptop at the kitchen table 

In a notebook at the kitchen table 

On the porch 

To prepare myself for what 2012 will undoubtedly bring, I am reading about other writers’ writing spaces.  Plus, to feed my obsession with personal/writing/working/creative spaces, I am either salivating over or redesigning the spaces shown in the photos.

If you’d like to catch some inspiration for your writing and even your life, follow this link  and feast on the stories and photos.

Tell me about your writing/creative space.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration from Writers’ Spaces

  1. Like you, my writing spaces are kind of mobile. I have a large computer hutch that houses my desktop and many supplies. But there's also a laptop in the house, and a netbook, so I find I do different writing in different places, depending. Anywhere I turn in the house, there's some opportunity to pen those words! Happy writing in the New Year to you 🙂


  2. Joanne:

    Imagine that – we don't have to leave our homes to be considered mobile writers or writers on the go.

    I wish you a wonderful year of unprecedented writing, rave reviews of your upcoming book and more fans/readers than you can ever count.


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