What is 2012 whispering to you?

Even if we decide to forego making New Year resolutions, we can’t escape the fact that a brand new year comes with a underlying whisper for change of one sort or another.

Regardless how you respond to that whisper, whatever change you eventually decide to pursue, I wish you joy, peace, love, success and fulfillment.  So,






What is 2012 whispering to you?


4 thoughts on “What is 2012 whispering to you?

  1. I love the idea of listening to what is being asked of us, or to be still while we wait for guidance. I don't mean to sound so passive, but lately I find that “progress” has more to do with patience than with pushing or forcing things to happen.


  2. I've been listening a lot lately, and have responded by taking definite steps to reaching my long-pursued dream. The heart speaks volumes, doesn't it, Cheryl?


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