Swimming in books

Although I have a hundred-plus e-books on my Sony E-Reader, I can’t help buying the traditional paper and ink type. Earlier this year, I said that I would scale down the number of books I buy on Amazon. Didn’t happen. To add to the dozen or so books I have already bought this year, I ordered 10 more about two weeks ago and they have begun to arrive.

Received this week:

Writing Out the Storm by Jessica Page Morrell

From May Sarton’s Well: Writings by May Sarton
Writing Down the Bones – Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg

A glimpse at some of the books purchased this year

I can manage reading 3 books at a time, as each feeds and soothes and inspires me, my life and my writing on different levels. I always seems to be swimming in books. But I enjoy swimming; it relaxes me. Swimming in books is exhilarating. Words washing over me, seeping into my heart, stirring all manner of emotions, opening my eyes, expanding my mind and setting my fingers on fire to write.

Are you an voracious reader (print or digital), a passionate writer? What’s your story about your relationship with books?


4 thoughts on “Swimming in books

  1. I have to say that ever since I got my eReader, I'm really enjoying reading and browsing books on it. I've found books with it that I never would have found otherwise.

    That being said, when I'm heavy into a writing project, just about all reading comes to a halt, except for some lite reading, with a coffee, that sort of thing. Otherwise, all my time goes to my own words. And, that's where I am right now, immersed …


  2. Gosh, this post appears mixed up but in Edit Post it is perfect. Blogger is wonky sometimes.

    EReader or paper books, you can't go wrong with “a coffee” Joanne.

    No matter what I'm working on, I take time every night for to read a couple of chapters in one and sometimes two of the books I am currently reading.

    That being said, there is a satisfaction at play when we are immersed in a project – giving ourselves over completely to our passion and keeping everything else at bay so that we can fulfil obligations and achieve some goal.

    So enjoy your immersion …


  3. Cheryl,

    Yes, yes, yes. I love to dive into my pool of books. At one time I decided that the only books I would purchase would be reference books. All fiction would be borrowed. Humph, that lasted about 2 weeks. Oh well, I love to read.


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