For the aspiring or struggling writer

On page 36 of Jessica Page Morrell’s Writing Out the Storm –

Try this

Write the words, “Nulla dies sine linea,” near your work writing space. It means (in Latin) “never a day without a line.” Next, block out your writing schedule in our daily planner or calendar. Be realistic and set small, doable goals. How about thirty minutes or one page a day for starters? Tell your family about your goals and post your writing schedule for everyone to see. Try to write at the same time every day because your unconscious mind will respond to your new routine and assist your creativity.

Go ahead, write it in Latin or write it in English if you prefer.  

Nulla dies sine linea

Never a day without a line

And write a line every day.


2 thoughts on “For the aspiring or struggling writer

  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I have recently started writing and sometimes as you have said I don't know what to write but lets hope that with your technique I will be able to write great content for my site,


  2. Hi Ankur Desai,

    If you do not forsake the pen, the page, the computer – you will write yourself into the writer you aspire to be.

    I wish you joy, fulfillment, peace and success in your writing dreams.


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