More is more

We may welcome change and then regret it. We may resist something and then wish we had had the courage to try it. We may step (ever so carefully and even hesitatingly) into a situation, believing that it will tax our every nerve and leave us mentally, physically and emotionally depleted and dry up our creativity.

I thought babysitting my 4-month old grandson and dropping off and picking up my granddaughter who began kindergarten earlier this month, would wring me dry. It has, on so many levels. However, I have discovered a 4-hour pocket of time to “fluff” and “fan” my writing.

Flustered by this new wave of responsibilities and tiredness (loading and off-loading a baby and a toddler in the car four times a day is major exercise), I’ve been falling into bed by 8pm after a quick nibble and my fourth or fifth shower for the day. I spent the first two weeks trying to settle down and set a routine and rhythm that will allow me to write without interruptions during the day.

EUREKA! The time I craved was staring me in the face. All I had to do was stop the obsessing, breathe, sit, see and let the words rip. Of course this rhythm and routine will change as Gabriel gets older and begins to creep and walk, but I’m good with that because I know that if I don’t obsess about the change, if I breathe, sit  and see what is before me, I will uncover time to write.

Less may be more in some quarters but with more responsibilities I have found more time to write during the day. My laptop has found a new home, at my kitchen table, from where Gabriel and I can keep an eye on each other. That’s where productivity happens for 4 hours every day, because, after all, more is more.


2 thoughts on “More is more

  1. Cheryl, I'm glad you found your new rhythm. Sometimes change inspires us in ways we never saw coming, and I'll bet even your writing will grow and expand with Gabriel's presence in your life.

    And love the new photo, it's got lots of spunk and personality!


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