Life’s Troubles are Like Tornadoes

A few days ago while skipping through TV channels, I stopped for a brief moment to look at a feature about people who follow tornadoes.

Always fascinated with tornadoes myself, I watched as one formed, traveled a short distance and dissipated. I thought how much a tornado is like the unexpected troubles that we face in our lives.

Sometimes we see a problem coming. However, most often, life-altering circumstances catch us by surprise. They come and go even before we have a chance to make sense of what is happening, before we have a chance to devise a defense of formulate an escape plan.

Just like a tornado, they seem to hover in their infancy and then they are charge forth. They grow quickly. They are dark, foreboding and powerful, giving us little or no warning. They strike hard and fast, almost as if their purpose is to give us no chance to respond, protest, run and take cover. When they strike, they hasten to cause as much damage as possible in the shortest possible time.

Then just as quickly as they arrive, they spin out of our lives, leaving the characteristic eerie calm that remains right after the devastation.

Life’s tornadoes uproot our lives, rummage through our emotions, upset the rhythms by which we live and work. They shake, rattle and roll our faith, leaving us in shock, weak, afraid and distrustful. They leave us broken. They leave our lives in shambles.

Nevertheless, by God’s grace we recover. We heal. We learn to trust again, hope again and believe again. We rebuild our lives and live again.


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