The treasure of old friends

New friends are wonderful additions to our lives but there’s a priceless and magical element that comes with old friends. There is also an extra special joy when we reconnect with old friends we lost along the way, as we forged lives for ourselves and followed our dreams. Sad but so real.

Moreover, it’s a extra blessing, I think, that we get a second chance to enjoy those lost friendships, with all their life stories.

I reconnected with two dear old friends recently. It’s difficult to identify when, where and why those friendships went astray. Yet, I’ve carried memories of them throughout the years, reminisced on things we said and did and times we shared.

Now is not the time for looking back with regret and playing with what if’s. Now is the time to tell our stories, savour each other’s achievements and successes, bask in the old memories, forge new ones and lend support to whatever dreams we may still want to pursue.

Welcome back into my life old friends. The treasure of your friendship has enriched my life a hundredfold.


4 thoughts on “The treasure of old friends

  1. Great and timely post, Cheryl. One of the gifts of midlife is reconnecting with old friends with whom we've lost touch. I've been lucky enough to experience this too, over the past year or two. As you noted, I am not sure how or why the friendships went astray, or faded … although I do credit the Internet for making us over-connected with way too many people over the past 15 years or so. In short, we can spread ourselves so thinly that we end up neglecting some of the most important people around us, including old friends. How lovely that you could reconnect and hopefully spend “face time” with these loved ones!


  2. Cindy,

    I appreciate your sharing your thoughts on this topic.

    Indeed, we have become over-connected and yet, so disconnected from to the people who really matter and the non-social media activities that really stirs us on a more meaningful level.

    I am very excited to reconnect with these two old friends. Circumstances dictate that we relaunch our friendship by email and Facebook messages for now. But we'll be doing “face time” eventually though.


  3. Beautiful post, Cheryl. I appreciate how you have let go of regrets, shoulds, or wonderings about why. You are fully present with the beauty of this old but “new” unfolding friendships. I am so happy for you!


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